Smart Mobility Best Paper Awards

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Nimrod Barshad
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IEEE International Conference on Smart Mobility (IEEESM) Best Paper Awards


These awards recognize the best paper in each of the three tracks of the conference (Smart Mobility Technology Best Paper, City Planning Best Paper and Smart Mobility Governance Best Paper).


Certificates of recognition for individual authors of the winning paper in each track. Subject to the availability of funding, a single award of $500US for each track is given to the author(s). In case of multiple authors, the cash gift shall be divided equally among the authors.


All papers presented at IEEESM are eligible. There are no restrictions as to IEEE membership, organization, nationality, race, creed, sex, or age. Eligibility and Selection process shall comply with procedures and regulation established in IEEE and Society governing documents, particularly with IEEE Policy 4.4 on Awards Limitations.

Selection Process:

The Best Paper Award Committee is formed by selected members of the technical program committee of the conference, technical track chairs and the technical session chair(s). The award committee will determine the best paper. The chair of the committee is responsible for ensuring the selection process is fair and unbiased and that any possible conflicts of interests are handled appropriately. Papers are judged based on technical merit, originality, relevance to the smart mobility tracks, potential impact on the field, clarity of the written paper, and quality of the paper presentation and discussion during the session.

Evaluation Process:

The following 3-steps will be followed to select the best paper in each track.

  1. Each session chair(s) evaluates the presentation and discussion quality of the paper included in their session. The session chairs shall send their evaluations to the Best Paper Award Committee Chair.
  2. The papers are evaluated by the Best Paper Award Committee members according to their technical merit and originality. Papers will be then sorted based on the overall score. The overall score is the weighted sum of the technical quality score and the presentation score. Overall score=0.7*technical quality score+0.3*presentation quality score.
  3. The Best Paper Award Committee Chair reviews the summary of the overall evaluation scores received from the Award Committee and confirms the winning paper for each track.


The awards will be announced and presented during the closing ceremony of the conference.

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